The Insurtech 100 launch with Sønr and EY

Spøtlight : 23 mins viewing

To celebrate the launch of the Insurtech 100, Sønr’s CEO Matt Connolly caught up Chris Payne and Penney Frohling, two Partners at EY who we worked closely with to produce the report.

The conversation explores how the collaboration came about, the relevance of the Insurtech 100 on the wider insurance landscape, and a deep-dive into some of the trends and observations unearthed during the analysis.

It’s a great fun conversation packed full of superb insights and the occasional person walking in the background sporting a Christmas hat!

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Insurtech 100, please do.

Over the coming months we’ll be running a series of Insurtech 100 interviews with the founders and entrepreneurs behind those featured. Hopefully Chris and Penney will be able to join for some of those too.