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Leverage Sønr’s expertise to fast-track your digital transformation and innovation journey, enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency.

How Sønr can help build business and strengthen strategy

insurance innovation intelligence

Informed business planning

Sønr has unique access to the data on millions of companies across the world – startups, scaleups and corporates – providing you with intelligence on the innovation transforming the insurance sector.

This intel will help you feed strategic planning; making sure you know what’s coming down the line in terms of both threats and opportunities.

insurance innovation intelligence

Get ahead of your competition

Whether you’re a market leader or close-follower, knowing what your competitors are up to is critical insight in building for the future.

Sønr houses data on your competitors’ corporate innovation: their M&A activity, the investments they’re making directly, any partnerships they have with startups, and any new product launches.

Insurance innovation isn't the same as 'insurtech', Discover innovation, insurance innovation intelligence

The need to look beyond 'insurtech'

Innovation changing the fabric insurance is no longer limited to ‘insurtech’. There is a world of startups attracted to insurance and tracking these adjacencies is critical in maintaining a competitive edge.

The good news is Sønr houses data on all sectors, on a global basis. This allows you to identify the startups and scaleups, from outside of insurance, which can accelerate and strengthen your business.

Harness the value of the hive-mind

Harness the value of the hive-mind

In the new world where teams, and therefore knowledge, are distributed, we’ve built a suite of tools that help you manage projects and extract maximum value from all Sønr users within your company.

From recording which startups your colleagues have met with to accessing and sharing Notes, Watchlists, and CRM boards, with Sønr you’ll never have been more joined up.

Sønr reporting, identify tech opportunities, collaboration tools

See what's important across the business

Imagine if a colleague in your LatAm office was looking at a particular trend. And another colleague in your European office started to look at the same. Makes sense to connect them, right?

Sønr’s smart reporting functionality allows admins to recognise where effort is being duplicated and gives them the tools to join users together.

Beyond the data

Whether you need to educate your exec team , deep-dive into some market activity or explore a potential partnership, Sønr is more than ‘just’ a platform.

We’re a group of the world’s top researchers, analysts and data scientists and always happy to help our clients get the most from their investment.

Think of us as an extension to your team.