Keep track of promising startups

Sønr offers a seamless way to record meetings, track discussions, and even manage PoCs and investment activity. Better still all this can be shared with your team.

This streamlining of interactions ensures that your company can work most efficiently and effectively, and frees you up to make the most of innovative opportunities in the insurance industry.

Spend time on what's most important

Taking market scanning to a whole new level, track of interesting startups

Taking market scanning to a whole new level

At Sønr, we understand the importance of staying at the forefront of innovation in the insurance sector. Our mission is to provide you with invaluable insights into the global innovation landscape, spotlighting the startups and scaleups that are reshaping the industry.

We recognise that your success hinges on your ability to act quickly and collaboratively. With Sønr by your side, you’ll have the agility and collaborative tools you need to stay ahead and thrive in this dynamic environment.

Let Sønr do the hard work, track of interesting startups

Let Sønr do the hard work

You can easily keep track of interesting companies by using Sønr’s Watchlist functionality. In doing so, you can also ask to be notified of any changes – whether it’s a new product launch, investment round or even a shift in the leadership team makeup. 

This means you only have to do the hard work once. We’ll pick up the rest.

track of interesting startups

Collaborate with others across the business

We’ve created a bunch of tools that help people to work together, share knowledge and be kept up-to-date with their colleagues’ activity.

When you set up a Watchlist, CRM or a PoC you’re able to set it to private – in which case only you can see it, share it with colleagues or make it available to the entire company. The same goes for making any notes within the platform.

A great way of ensuring everyone is across the innovation most relevant to your business or project.

insurance innovation intelligence

It's not all about the startups

Whether you’re a market leader or close-follower, knowing what your competitors are up to is critical insight in building for the future.

Sønr houses data on your competitors’ corporate innovation: their M&A activity, the investments they’re making directly, any partnerships they have with startups, and any new product launches.

Sønr reporting, identify tech opportunities, collaboration tools

Powering intelligence behind the scenes

Sønr’s smart reporting gives early insight into the trends and companies of most interest to your teams.

This intelligence allows the platform to serve up more and more relevant companies. It also feeds into your weekly Sønr Insights email, making sure you’re always kept up-to-date with the latest and most relevant innovation from around the world.