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Sønr is the world’s #1 startup scouting and open innovation platform designed specifically for insurance companies.

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Strengthen and accelerate your open innovation

Sønr connects you to innovation globally – the latest market trends, startups and scaleups reshaping the market, and insight into your competitor’s innovation activity. The critical intelligence you need to compete in today’s ever-changing world.

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Harness the value of company-wide collaboration

Sønr’s open innovation tools enables teams to work smarter, faster and be more connected. By centralising all startup scouting, partnership and dealflow activity it creates a more efficient and more effective innovation function. 

Why choose Sønr?

Sønr provides you with the knowledge and tools to stay relevant, compete and plan for the future.

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We track and analyse millions of startups and scaleups, globally. It’s not just insurtechs that will accelerate your business

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We, as the leading startup scouting platform, have a crack team of analysts and data scientists who enrich profiles and support our clients

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We access unique market and company insight from our global network of VCs, PEs and tech accelerators

The platform you need.
The support when you need it.

When you buy Sønr, you’re buying the best tech in the market and the best people.

We can spin up market reports for board papers, take a deeper look into particular areas of innovation or startups, or even build new Sønr features to meet your individual needs.

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