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We help (re)insurers around the world track market and competitor trends, and scout and assess best-in-class technology companies.

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The world’s most comprehensive market intelligence

Whether you’re looking for unique insights on market trends, intelligence on your competitors, or tech companies to accelerate your company’s transformation – Sønr’s data on 3M+ companies has you covered.

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Managing your end-to-end scouting activity

Everything you need to source the right technology companies, track activity, collaborate with your wider team, even manage PoCs and investments, all in one platform. Plus a team of researchers and analysts to support 24/7 – what’s not to love?

Why choose Sønr?

The world is moving fast. We help you move faster.
Sønr provides you with the knowledge, tools and services to stay relevant, compete and plan for the future.

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Used by over 50 leading insurance companies around the world, the Sønr platform provides invaluable insights into current market trends, competitor dynamics, and the tech companies that can drive growth for your business.

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Whether you need support with capacity or capability, our researchers are available to help you gain deeper insight, and identify and assess best-in-class technology providers. And they’re available and included in Sønr’s 24-hour SLA.

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To help clients manage their innovation and investment activity – from scouting to tracking global PoCs – the Sønr platform includes a highly customisable toolset so teams can share knowledge and work more efficiently together.

The intel you need.
Backed by a team of world class innovation experts.

With Sønr, you’re buying the best market intelligence available plus access to a team with unique connections and experience of working with leading (re)insurers around the world.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your transformation projects, create new innovation or simply want to track your competitor activity, we’re always keen to connect.

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