Sønr accelerates insurance innovation

As we re-emerge in a new world of BAU, digital transformation and tech innovation intelligence have never been so high-profile or critical to a business’ future.

As such we recognise companies must look to the startups and scaleups for innovation that will strengthen their corporate strategy and speed to market.

Sønr is used by some of the best known insurance companies globally. It is a subscription based platform that houses the world’s most comprehensive source of innovation intelligence, designed specifically for the corporate innovator.

Behind Sønr is a team of entrepreneurs, industry practitioners and consultants who have built, run and exited some of the largest companies in the world.

Press Highlights

Team member working with data, innovation intelligence

The most powerful data and toolset anywhere. Fact

We pull data from multiple sources, layer on a load of real-people’s time and apply seriously clever tech smarts.

This ensures our data is as comprehensive, relevant, up-to-date and accurate as humanly (and machine…ly?!) possible.

innovation intelligence

Built for the corporate innovator. You're welcome

We’ve spent years workshopping with innovators from a huge mix of insurance companies (clients and non-clients) to best understand the tools they might need to best manage activity.

And then we built each and every one of them.