Startup scouting and evaluation

Sønr is at the forefront of innovation. We work with clients globally to help move from business problems to solutions alongside building capability and embedding a culture of innovation.

We excel in identifying and assessing promising startups, offering you a curated selection of potential partners or investment opportunities to fuel your innovation initiatives.

Helping you identify and create new opportunities

Sønr Accelerate

The Sønr Accelerate programme is designed to build new connections with external innovation directly aligned to key business needs. And most importantly, to quickly validate commercial opportunities and scale them across the business. The Sønr Accelerate Framework is designed to take you from business problem to business solution in 3 simple steps.

The Sønr Accelerate programme provides a low cost, low resource intensive route to validating new opportunities and accelerating time to value.

An image showing a partnership session

Innovation days

Fully immerse your team into a day of innovation – Sønr’s Innovation Days provide a collaborative setting exploring the trends and companies driving change in insurance while equipping you with practical tools and frameworks to harness this change. 

The day can be tailored to suit your requirements. Our typical approach includes a morning of input from internal and external speakers, and an afternoon exploring how to convert insight into strategic action. 

The key benefits of these innovation days include unlocking team potential, promoting rethinking, driving collaboration, ideation and problem solving, and enabling innovation strategy.

Capability build

The ability for companies to adapt and innovate is critical. Embedding innovation as a key strategic pillar is essential. One of the biggest challenges is having the capability to deliver on strategic vision. 

Sønr provides the essential frameworks, tools and training to develop these capabilities enabling you to accelerate learning and change, fast track digital capability, confidence and maturity, develop mindsets, toolsets and ways of working ultimately driving your innovation agenda.