Strategic insights from around the world

To successfully innovate companies must explore the global landscape and select the startups/scaleups that will accelerate the delivery of roadmaps and help you build tomorrow’s business.

Sønr is the only platform that represents a truly accurate picture of global innovation landscape. Being based outside the US certainly helps.

From Silicon Valley to Shenzhen

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The world's most comprehensive innovation intelligence

Sønr offers an unparalleled experience for anyone tasked with corporate innovation or digital transformation.

Tracking millions of companies around the world allows us to provide in-depth intelligence on the innovation reshaping insurance. From the market trends and startups rethinking today’s business, to the innovation your competitors are working on.

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Collating needs from across the business

Imagine if a colleague in your LatAm office was looking at a particular trend. And another in your European office started to look at the same. It makes sense to connect them, right?

Sønr’s intelligent reporting functionality allows admins to recognise where effort is being duplicated and gives them the tools to connect users.

Competitor intel

Ensuring there are no blind spots

Wherever in the world you are, whatever your size or sector specialism, it’s crucial to be across all innovation activity whether it’s the threat posed from direct competitors or tech giants, or the opportunities from startups and scale-ups.

Sønr houses data from the entire innovation ecosystem: from M&A activity, corporates and startup partnerships, to the latest innovation being brought to the market every day.

Innovation from outside, identify tech opportunities

Opportunities from outside insurance

Insurance companies often have to look outside their ‘known world’ to gain a competitive edge. Whether that’s bringing in deep tech from other sectors or spotting new products or processes from elsewhere.

The good news is Sønr tracks all the innovation you might ever need. And if you can’t find something, or you want a little more, we have a 24-hour SLA with our clients to make sure you have everything to hand.

Sønr's CRM

Tap into knowledge from across the team

In the new world where teams, and therefore knowledge, is distributed, we’ve built a suite of tools that help you harness knowledge and identify tech opportunities from across the business.

The platform inherently encourages users to record the startups they’ve met, include notes from those meetings, and track any activity using CRM boards. If the user has not chosen for these to be private, others from across the company will be able to see their activity and gain valuable insight from it.

Build pipelines of opportunity

Sønr’s CRM boards allow users and teams to track conversations and activity. 

They are fully customisable, so you can set up different pipelines for different workflows. As conversations progress, simply drag and drop the company across the different ‘lanes’.

If you want to keep all this private, no worries. If you want to share it with colleagues, it’s super easy.