Custom research

The latest market research and analysis

Whether you need a board paper, a trends report or some deep-dive analysis, we have a team of researchers, analysts and data scientists who can draw on our data to create custom insight.

“Thanks to Sønr’s tailor-made approach and professionalism, they became more than a 'simple' platform provider to us - they became a true partner to rely on. Over the years we've built a trusted relationship, which has led to a solid creative partnership extending to a whole range of services and collaborations where we gain reciprocal inspiration.

We love working with the folks at Sønr, truly the best of the best! ”

An image of Danilo Raponi, Group Head of Innovation at Generali, Managing Director of Generali’s Innovation Fund
Danilo Raponi
Group Head of Innovation at Generali, Managing Director of Generali’s Innovation Fund

Capability training

Whilst for some, the innovation agenda has been front and centre for a few years, it’s not true for all. Whether you need to stimulate your execs or build knowledge and capability across your leadership, we have a range of workshops that can help.

And if you’re after more transformational programmes of work, we’ve got a bunch of partners we can recommend too.

Market analysis

We’re able to provide up-to-the-minute insight on where the smart money is being invested; what are the sectors or parts of the value chain receiving the money, and into which companies at which stage is the money being invested.

All this helps gives insight into the direction and maturity of the market. When aligned to your business it provides a powerful input to your strategic planning.

Trends reporting

Whether it’s a deep-dive into a market or consumer trend, or an exploration of the tech and innovation driving change, we’re here to help.

If you’d like a look into how your competitors are innovating or how the non-insurance players are approaching the market, we’ve got all that too.

PoC Validation

Over the past few years we’ve build a tried and tested framework for the identification, selection, and validation of new partnerships.

If you’ve got an area of the business you think could be improved/accelerated, drop us a line.