Peter Ohnemus – dacadoo

Spøtlight : 27 mins viewing

If you don’t already know dacadoo, you probably should.
If you haven’t met Peter Ohnemus, you’re definitely missing out.
If you want to know more, have a watch of the Spøtlight interview below.

As one of our leading Insurtech 100 companies, dacadoo develops technology solutions for digital health engagement and health risk quantification. At its core the platform strengthens health and wellbeing through a mix of AI, behavioural science, online gaming and social networks.

In this interview, Matt Connolly, Sønr’s CEO catches up with Peter Ohnemus, CEO of dacadoo.

It’s a great interview and well worth a watch/listen. The key areas Matt and Peter dive into include:

  • Peter’s entrepreneurial background and the driving force behind setting up dacadoo
  • A deeper look into what ‘digital health engagement’ means in today’s world and how this varies globally
  • How dacadoo works with insurers to drive improved outcomes
  • The current dacadoo business model, it’s traction to date and what the future holds


If you are a Sønr client, you can check out dacadoo’s Sønr profile.
You can also access the dacadoo website directly.
And if you haven’t yet downloaded the Insurtech 100, please do.