Explòr China

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By now we’ve taken clients to a number of established and emergent markets. China is the most interesting by far. The sheer scale of business out there is second to none. As is the pace of china’s innovation and ambition for growth, both domestic and overseas.

Tech companies, only a couple of years old, already command multi-billion dollar valuations. They’re often backed by capital on par, and often beyond, the level witnessed in Silicon Valley. And the highly tech-savvy 800+ million internet users (of the total 1.4 billion population), demand and adopt innovation more readily than any we’ve witnessed around the world.

All of this creates a very exciting tech market, especially when this china‘s innovation is applied to industries such as insurance, finance, and healthcare.

Until very recently, if you wanted to explore the technology soon to hit your industry, you’d head to California. Now it’s undisputedly China.

We’re heading back out for a week in September 2019 and this time, as well as running exclusive company trips, we’re opening a trip to individuals from a number of companies.

Across the 7 days we’ll have 30+ meetings with the best in class startups, accelerators, VCs and corporate innovators – from ZhongAn to Alibaba. We will immerse you into the local culture, provide the insight and understanding of how such scale and adoption is achieved, and work with you to identify how these learnings can be applied to your own business to accelerate innovation.

If you want a glimpse into the future, and make connections to accelerate your business, get in touch.

We’d love you to join.

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