Insurtech Top 100, 1980s style

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Top 100 Insurtechs
A few months back we were approached by Insurance Post (a UK insurance mag) to pull together a Top 100 Insurtechs.

We use our Sønr scoring to create the index and they publish it in print and online. Sounds like a good trade.

And in case you were wondering, it’s a pretty brilliant to 100 insurtechs list.

Then this happened:


Top 100 Insurtechs


I’m not too sure when retro 80s dystopian future design came back into fashion but I reckon someone in their team might have watched Tron over the weekend…
Top 100 Insurtechs
To check out the full listing, head here. Otherwise get in touch and I’ll fire you over a copy.

Listen: Future Disruptors
If you’re not already listening to the Tällt podcast you can be forgiven. It went live only minutes ago and as with all these things, we’d love some feedback on it.

The plan is to bring you lively discussions about innovation in business. Every episode will share new insights around how technology is dismantling old industries and creating new ones. You’ll hear from startups, industry experts and corporate innovators.


Top 100 Insurtechs


To kick things off we chat with Tobi from Laka and we head to Startupbootcamp in London to hear from Ram Srinavasan, Chief Strategy Officer of Zasti.

Originally conceived in Chennai, India, Zasti are now a UK company with several offices around the world doing some very interesting work with machine learning across a number of different verticals, including Health and Insurance.

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This week we also caught up with David Vanek from Anorak

Top 100 Insurtechs
From investment banking to, David shares his vision for building the world’s smartest insurance companion, redefining the way millions protect their future.

Read: Pay-as-you-drive is so last year. It’s all about pay-as-you-fly.
With a market size worth £100bn by 2020 (although that prediction was made by JP Morgan who haven’t always been the most brilliant at predicting futures), drones are already being used in 3D mapping, delivery (from medical aid to Amazon) and environmental inspection.

Above: Amazon’s patent application for ‘multi-level fulfilment centres for unmanned vehicles’.

This week we caught up with Antton Peña, founder of Flock, who’s about to take over the drone insurance world via a collaboration with Allianz.

New Sønr clients. New Dans. New offices.
Another cracking couple of weeks on the Tällt world domination journey. We’ve a bigger and better Bristol head office, 2 new Dans and are busily onboarding new Sønr clients.

And, thanks to a pile of inbound requests after my last email, we now have people from the US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Singapore and Australia testing the platform.

If you are after unique intelligence on the global new venture landscape we’d love to chat.

With Sønr, we’re tracking the investment across the entire Insurtech ecosystem, drawing on our connections with accelerators, VCs and corporates around the world. We’ve then applied some incredibly smart scoring to all the ventures to identify those which will most impact your business. Super clever stuff.

Shout me to find out more. In the meantime, happy weekends.


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