Spøtlight : 5 min read

Andrew Leal – Waggel

For this latest Spøtlight instalment, we sit down with Andrew Leal, co-founder & CEO of fully digital pet insurance...
Spøtlight : 8 min read

Hadi Radwan – Aqeed Technology

On this week’s Spøtlight, we get to grips with the UAE’s digital insurance market with help from Aqeed’s Chief...
Spøtlight : 7 min read

Joshua Motta – Coalition

On this week’s Spøtlight, we cast our eye over San Francisco InsurTech startup, Coalition, who combine insurance and proprietary...
Spøtlight : 7 min read

Walid Daniel Dib – Addenda

This week, we caught up with Walid Daniel Dib, who helped launch Addenda, an InsurTech startup who are in...
Whitepaper : 8 min read

Open Insurance

An analysis of Open Insurance activity from the most disruptive startups and corporates around the globe, featuring the key...
Spøtlight : 8 min read

Nikolaus Sühr – Kasko

This week, we arranged a sit down with Nikolaus Sühr from Kasko to find out how their ‘Insurtech-as-a-Service’ is...
Spøtlight : 7 min read

Vivek Chaturvedi – Digit Insurance

On this week’s Spøtlight, we caught up with Vivek Chaturvedi, who heads up marketing at Digit Insurance, an Indian...
Spøtlight : 5 min read

Mark Wales – Galileo Platforms

On this week’s Spøtlight, we spoke with Mark Wales, co-founder and CEO of Galileo Platforms, a Hong Kong-based InsurTech...

Accelerating Digital Innovation in Response to Covid-19

We recently surveyed our network to learn more about the strategic impact of Covid-19 on insurance companies

Accelerating Digital Innovation
Spøtlight : 5 min read

Susan He – Aligned Business

On this week’s Spøtlight, we turn our attention to Aligned Business, also known as the brains behind Origami, an...
Spøtlight : 8 min read

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy – Tapoly

This week, we take a look at on-demand insurance with Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, Founder & CEO of Tapoly, a startup...