Sønr Spøtlight: CEO Tobias Wann & COO & CFO Malte Dummel of Xempus AG

Spøtlight : 37 mins viewing

This week Matt Ferguson, Managing Partner of Sønr talks with Tobias Wann, CEO, and Malte Dummel COO and CFO of Xempus AG, a technology provider dedicated to making pension provision easy and accessible to all.

Tobias and Malte talk about:

  • How they connect the activities of around 20,000 insurance agents with more than 70,000 corporates and their employees and relevant life insurers across Germany
  • How, with the growth of an ageing population and considerably pension gaps, they are helping individuals to plan for retirement
  • How they focus on providing an accessible and usable platform in a world where people are crave convenience from technology providers

A huge thanks to both Tobias and Malte for joining us – we hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

Xempus AG is a technology provider with a team of around 160 dedicated people all united by the vision of ‘making pension provision easier and accessible for everyone’. To do this, they connect everyone involved by an independent platform.

If you are a Sønr client, you can access the Xempus AG full profile here to find out more, or you access the Xempus AG website directly here.