Sønr Spøtlight: Jeff To of CCC Safekeep & Marc Fredman of CCC Intelligent Solutions

Spøtlight : 25 mins viewing

This week Matt Connolly, CEO of Sønr talks with Jeff To, Founder and CEO of CCC Safekeep and Marc Fredman, SVP Chief Strategy Officer at CCC Intelligent Solutions.

Early this year, Safekeep were acquired by CCC Intelligent Solutions  a Top 10 Future50 company and SaaS business.

CCC, with their 40 year history, are transforming the trillion-dollar automotive and insurance industries through the power and scale of their connected data platform. Their SaaS solutions leverage the latest in AI, IoT, telematics, customer experience, mobile and digital workflow technologies to create deep, actionable insights that help our clients drive business and change lives.

Jeff and Marc, in this recording, talk about:

  • How their past experiences have led to their current career choices and how Jeff developed Safekeep
  • How Safekeep were acquired and why they were the right partner for CCC Intelligent Solutions
  • The vision they have for coming together and how their values are aligned

A huge thanks to both Jeff and Marc for joining us – we hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

If you are a Sønr client, you can access the CCC Intelligent Solutions full profile here to find out more, or you access the ir website directly here. You will also be able to access the Safekeep profile here, or you can access their website directly here.