Sønr Insurtech 100: TMK x Artificial podcast

Spøtlight : 36 mins viewing

AI seems to be the hottest topic in town at the moment.

And whilst ChatGPT is grabbing headlines, the role and potential benefits of AI (in many forms!) were also highlighted by its prominence in the business models of companies featured in the Sønr Insurtech 100.

So, with these two worlds colliding we sent Sønr’s very own Matt Ferguson to go and find out more with the help of:

  • David King – co-Founder and CCO of leading algorithmic underwriting platform, Artificial
  • Rob Jarvis – Head of Innovation at Tokio Marine Kiln

We headed off to Artificial’s offices to explore what’s going on from both an insurtech and a carrier perspective – the hype, the reality and the future… and the most important question: “are the robots coming for us all?”

A big thank you to them both for their time and expert perspective and also to the Artificial team both for hosting us and their awesome barista skills.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

If you are a Sønr client, you can access the Artificial full profile here to find out more, or you access their website directly here.

Finally, if you haven’t yet downloaded the Insurtech 100, please do.