Sønr Spøtlight: Efi Binder, Futura Genetics

Spøtlight : 35 mins viewing

This week Matt Ferguson, Managing Partner of Sønr talks with Efi Binder, Co-Founder of Futura Genetics.

Futura Genetics is a digital health platform, that provides life insurance using genetically based medical recommendations.

Efi talks about:

  • How, having an economics background, has helped to develop Futura Genetics to fill a gap in the life insurance market
  • How Futura Genetics helps life insurance companies to evolve and anticipate changes while at the same time, empowering potential customers to mitigate risks
  • The importance of interpreting key trends within the sector to make a proven clinical impact and how they are support regulators with their use of genomic data

A huge thanks to Efi for joining us – we hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

Established in 2019, Futura Genetics strives to reduce life insurance claims by assisting clients to outlive their predicted lifespan. They have created a system that provides life insurance clients genetically based medical recommendations tailored specifically for them, yet, with our regulatory firewall no personal information is disclosed. 

If you are a Sønr client, you can access Futura Genetics full profile here to find out more, or you access the Futura Genetics website directly here.