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Sara Green Brodersen – Deemly

Earlier in the week, we caught up with Sara Green Brodersen, Founder & CEO of deemly, a social verification...
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Lior Shacham – PicUp

This week, we chatted with Lior Shacham, CEO of PicUp, a system that makes it easier for businesses to...
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Clifford McDowell – Doorda

This week we caught up Clifford McDowell, CEO & Founder of UK-based smart data broker Doorda. We met Clifford at...
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Nico Polleti – Cluno

This week we spoke with Nico Polleti, Founder & CEO of Cluno the mobility-as-a-service car subscription venture based in Munich,...
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Buzz Group – Becky Downing

This week we chatted with Becky Downing, Founder & CEO of Buzz Group – the tech startup centred around the home. Over...
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Matt Poll – Neos

We caught up Matt Poll, CEO & Founder of UK-based smart home insurer Neos. In our Q&A session, Matt was kind enough...
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David Vanek – Anorak

This week, we chatted with Co-Founder and CEO David Vanek of London-based startup, Anorak, who recently raised $4 million in seed...
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Tobias Taupitz – Laka

Last week we spoke with Tobi from Laka, who is hoping to transform insurance for the customer by handing over...

Accelerating Digital Innovation in Response to Covid-19

We recently surveyed our network to learn more about the strategic impact of Covid-19 on insurance companies

Accelerating Digital Innovation
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Antton Peña – Flock

This week we spoke with Antton Peña, Founder of UK-based startup Flock. Antton’s ‘pay-as-you-fly’ drone insurance model hit the...
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James Blackham – By Miles

The team recently caught up with James Blackham, Co-Founder and CEO of UK-based pay-per-mile insurance startup By Miles to talk shop. Ever since...