Spøtlight : 5 min read

Matt Miller – Embroker

On this week’s Spøtlight, we met up with Matt Miller, Founder & CEO of Embroker, a leading digital commercial...
Spøtlight : 8 min read

Erik Abrahamsson – Digital Fineprint

This week, we cast our spotlight on Erik Abrahamsson, Founder & CEO of Digital Fineprint, a start-up developing AI-driven...
Spøtlight : 7 min read

Matthew Elan Smith – Pineapple Insurance

For this week’s Spøtlight, we sat down with Matthew Elan Smith, Founder of Pineapple, a peer-to-peer scheme serving the...
Spøtlight : 6 min read

Ami Daniel – Windward

This week, we had an oar-some chat with Ami Daniel, Co-founder & CEO of Israeli startup Windward. At the...
Spøtlight : 6 min read

Camilla Rigby – Flipper

This week, we got to meet with Camilla Rigby, Director of Marketing & Communications for Bristol-based energy-switching service, Flipper....
Spøtlight : 5 min read

Sara Green Brodersen – Deemly

Earlier in the week, we caught up with Sara Green Brodersen, Founder & CEO of deemly, a social verification...
Spøtlight : 6 min read

Lior Shacham – PicUp

This week, we chatted with Lior Shacham, CEO of PicUp, an AI-based personalization system for outbound calls that makes...
Whitepaper : 8 min read


An analysis of hyper-personalisation activity from the most disruptive startups around the globe, featuring the key tech trends and...

Sønr Insurtech Briefing – Q3 2021

We take a deep-dive into embedded insurance and explore the changing trends across health, property, motor and cyber.

Sønr Insurtech Briefing – Q3 2021
Spøtlight : 4 min read

Clifford McDowell – Doorda

This week we caught up Clifford McDowell, CEO & Founder of UK-based smart data broker Doorda. We met Clifford at...
Spøtlight : 5 min read

Nico Polleti – Cluno

This week we spoke with Nico Polleti, Founder & CEO of Cluno the mobility-as-a-service car subscription venture based in Munich,...