Embedded Health: The next growth frontier for insurance

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Over the past 24 months, a new buzz phrase entered the insurance market: Embedded Insurance. The concept aims to address the protection gap, make insurance more affordable, and deliver stronger business outcomes.

One of the many challenges with “embedded” is that market participants suffer from an increasing information asymmetry on risk insight, what can be insured, and the processes that can drive true value creation.

Realising the huge potential of “embedded” relies on increasing access to – and use of – unique datasets to better manage risk and build strong and mutually beneficial partnerships.

This category-setting paper presents Embedded Health as a new category that is being nurtured and will — we hope — mature as we learn how to better serve, engage, and delight end users. We cover how Embedded Health has come to be. We share examples of business models that are working, and we explore the capabilities that are being aggregated from the ground up.

To help you to understand more about the companies shaping the future of embedded healthcare we’ve created a Watchlist of the companies featured within the Sønr platform. These are free to access although you will need to complete the simple sign-up steps to be able to view them.

And finally, some thank yous. Sønr is proud to bring this paper to you in collaboration with Alchemy Crew and The CareVoice to help evaluate, define and shape the future of Embedded Health.

It also includes the perspective from a range of industry experts including: Cillin O’Flynn (Noria Capital), Evangelos Avramakis (Swiss Re), Julian Mengual (Cigna), Kaenan Hertz (Insurtech Advisors), Lauren Liang (Swiss Re), Onur Yildirim (Swiss Re), Paul Oudenhoven (Prudential Financial), Sabine VanderLinden (Alchemy Crew), Sebastien Gaudin (The CareVoice), Simon Torrance (Embedded Finance & SuperApp Strategies), Yannick Even (Swiss Re) and Yuri Poletto (Open and Embedded Insurance Observatory). A big thank you to everyone who has contributed.

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