Puns, India and a bit of Wrisk

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accelerating innovation

The first SøNws – our contribution to accelerating innovation across insurance.

I’ve been meaning to write this for ages. It’s been one of those I’ve been putting off. Probably a mix of prioritising other things and the childhood scars of a mother who was an English teacher.

Two years in and I realise the business is now at the stage where we’re meeting incredible people all over the world, pretty much every day. And there’s some seriously interesting stuff coming out of those conversations which you’ll love. Hopefully.

My promise is for this not to be another Insurtech newsletter. There’s way too much of that already.

No need to make a ZonghAn dance about it
A few months back we were approached by Insurance Post to pull together an Insurtech 100. It’ll be published next month as part of their April 2018 edition.

I won’t give anything away as to either the scoring criteria or rankings but thought you might enjoy a grab from our advert we’re putting alongside.

So to kick things off, a pun. Who doesn’t love a pun?


accelerating innovation


In 2010 it was Silicon Valley.
Today it’s China.
Very soon it’ll be India. True story.
A couple of weeks back we headed out to India with BGL where we immersed them in the new venture ecosystem over there – startups, scaleups, accelerators, VCs and corporate innovators.For those of you who I haven’t met, I’m the tall guy on the right who’s invariably in need of a haircut.

accelerating innovation


As is always the case on these trips, it was a brilliantly crazy week meeting some of the best talent India has to offer.

If you don’t know the Indian market very well, it’s one to start tracking. There’s plenty going on but the one thing that continually stands out, and is such a little known fact globally, is that nearly their entire 1.5 billion population have given over their retina scan and fingerprints.

Imagine. No more pin codes. No more signatures. No more passwords.

Couple that with forecasted digital adoption like you’ve never seen ­­and an economy where transactional data is about to move mainstream (currently 80% of all transactions are cash…can you believe?!), you’ve got some exciting years ahead for India.

Should you be interested in partnering, investing or acquiring then take a look at what India has. Better still give me and the team a shout and we can make a few intros.

And I can’t not share my latest favourite joke. Apologies in advance.

What happened to the startup founder who ate too much curry powder?
She fell into a korma.

Your appetite for Wrisk?
I promised some interesting interviews. Here’s one to kick things off. This week we caught up with the flowing blonde locks of Niall Barton, CEO and co-founder of Wrisk. 

We first met Niall a few months back during a co-creation session we were running for a client. He’s got a super impressive business and brings with it genuinely rare entrepreneurial flair.

Have a read of how he was inspired by the likes of Monzo, Citymapper, and Uber to reset consumer’s mindset as to what accelerating insurance innovation is and how they can buy it. No easy task.

Right, that’s it from me.

Hit me up if you’d like to say hello. I’m travelling loads at the moment which might mean it’ll have to be a video call. But it might also mean I’m in the coffee shop next door.

For those of you who are Sønr clients, you’ll hopefully have seen the new events section. We’ll be heading to loads of these over the coming months so do let me know if you’ll be at any.

And if you’re not a Sønr client and you’ve read this far, you probably should be.

Right, that really is it from me. Have a good weekend and shout me with any feedback.



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