Sønr Spøtlight: Exploring the Asian insurtech scene with George Kesselman

Spøtlight : 35 mins viewing

It goes without saying that Asia is a diverse region. In our latest spøtlight, we talk with Founder of Insurtech Asia (and CCO of ZA Tech), George Kesselman to understand the key trends and the learnings coming from both the larger and smaller markets it’s comprised of. We cover:

  • The rise of embedded insurance
  • Learnings from how insurers (and retailers) experience in implementing these products at (often vast) scale
  • The impact on their strategies as they seek to manage customer journeys to more complex protection products like Life and Health
  • The emergence of an increasingly sophisticated omni-channel approach

Drawing on both his knowledge of startups and incumbents in the region, plus his proximity to China’s largest digital insurance ecosystem, ZhongAn, George gives a fascinating perspective on a topic of growing significance in other global markets as well as pointing at some of the potential challenges and resulting future approaches.

A huge thanks to George for giving up his time and we hope you enjoy it.