Start with what’s possible and work backwards

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Start with what’s possible and work backwards. 
Not with what you make today and slowly improve.

There’s a world of tech startups and scale-ups rethinking today’s products, services and business models.

The pace of change is now accelerating beyond the ability for many incumbents to adapt. 

The art of the possible will no longer be realised by iterative innovation or even Insurtechs. It's time to look to the global emergent tech market for new opportunities - whether for partnerships, investments, acquisitions or even inspiration.


Luckily we've built Sønr - the world’s most comprehensive source of innovation data designed specifically for the insurance sector.

We give you access to profiles on the entire global tech market, including:

  • in-depth profiles on each company
  • a startup/scale-up's success propensity scoring
  • any corporate partnerships they already have in place
  • latest startup news with applied sentiment analysis

Oh and so much more.

All you need to do is pay us hard cash (we also accept online payments) in exchange for market-leading intelligence that will invaluable for your business' growth. 

Sounds pretty good, right? Get in touch. We'd love to show you Sonr.

Sønr Weekly Insight
Sønr helps companies identify innovation that drives strategy and its execution. 

We achieve this by presenting our clients with timely and relevant intelligence from the world's most comprehensive source of innovation data.
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