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Sønr Enterprise

Scout innovation smarter, not harder

Sønr Enterprise

Ever reached out to a startup only to find they’ve met with a bunch of your colleagues already?

Time for that to change.

With Sønr Enterprise you can see who in your company has met with a startup, their notes and any saved documents.

Simple. But seemingly much needed.


Sønr Enterprise helps companies: 

  • Record all startup meetings, notes and conversations
  • Review innovation activity across people and teams
  • Protect brand and external reputation
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and cohesion
  • Drive a culture of innovation across the company

Big love,

Team Sønr

Sønr Enterprise

Sønr helps companies identify innovation that drives strategy and its execution.

We achieve this by presenting our clients with timely and relevant intelligence from the world’s most comprehensive source of innovation data.




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