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First up, the eagle-eyed of you may have noticed the change in author this week. Matt is a busy man, but in his absence, I’ll be here to deliver your fortnightly dose of insightful Insurtech goodness.

Now that’s sorted – let’s get into it.

China first, India next…

Coverfox – the latest Indian price comparison service to hit the headlines

Digital insurance aggregator Coverfox announced a $22 million Series C round led by IFC, sister organisation of Transamerica and World Bank. The funding adds to a flurry of investment activity, both confirmed and rumoured (Amazon & Acko), into digital insurers and price comparison sites across India overhauling its nascent insurance market.

You may recall a previous Sø.Nws mention of our client immersion trip to India, where we witnessed digital adoption like you’ve never seen ­­and an economy where transactional data is about to move mainstream.

Watch this space.


Digital insurance


Read: ‘We can’t prevent everything yet.’

Last week we caught up with Matt Poll CEO & Founder of UK-based smart home insurer Neos.

We’ve spoken regularly with Matt and his team over the past year and tracked their successful launch into the UK home insurance market.


Digital insurance


In our Q&A session, Matt was kind enough to give us a whistle-stop tour of what makes Neos unique, discuss his most valued team qualities and also name his ‘one to watch’ in the Insurtech space.

Corporate blockchain fever

This week Santander announced the launch of its blockchain-enabled international payments app – which can be used to make transfers between £10 and £10,000 around the clock.

The news comes shortly after the announcement that blockchain consortium B3i, backed by a long list of global insurers, has created an independent company with the aim of commercialising a number of solutions developed since its conception.

We spotlighted B3i in last year’s Corporate Innovation report revealing the innovations and strategies driving change across the global insurance market.

You can get your copy here.


Digital insurance


Listen: Tokenising our assets & the world’s first e-commerce AI chatbot

As promised, we’ve uploaded some more juicy episodes of our weekly Future Disruptors podcast for you to get your ears around.

Last week saw the release of our conversation with Farid from AssetVault, who talked us through his vision to tokenise the world’s physical and digital assets, future planning & wills, and their reasons behind the decision to use blockchain technology.

This week, our roving reporter catches up with the CEO of – a leading supplier of chatbot tech, with some great insights into the present and future of chatbot adoption.

So what are you waiting for? Use the links below to sign yourself up to the Future Disruptors podcast for your weekly dose of lively discussion about innovation in business.


Digital insurance


To listen on iTunes click here.
To listen on pretty much anything else, here.

Watch: Open Innovation Summit

Next week we’ll be attending the Open Innovation Summit in London, where the great & the good of Europe’s leaders will gather to talk best practices and applications across open innovation.

What’s more, I’ll be lining up alongside innovation leaders from AXA, Barclays & LBG in a panel to discuss cross-industry collaboration.

Hurry, there’s still tickets available here.



Funding & partnership roundup

Konsileo – UK-based commercial broker announced a £2.7M Series A.
Coverfox –  Indian digital insurance aggregator announce $22 million Series C
Celo –UK-based digital insurer almost hit the halfway mark on their £100k crowdfunding round
BrollyMarkerstudy join AXA & Ageas as partners of the UK-based concierge app

Meanwhile in the UK….

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