A quiz, a survey, and look at the future of telehealth

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future of telehealth

Afternoon all.

As it’s a Bank Holiday in the UK tomorrow (which I’d forgotten until this morning), time for a slightly different SøNws.

Three things – a quiz, a survey, and a pretty epic report on the future of telehealth:


  1. The Great Big Insurtech Quiz

To bring a little cheer during a pretty crazy time, we’re working on The Great Big Insurtech Quiz, coming to a screen near you next Friday.

Imagine your favorite webinar meets your favorite remote working pub quiz.
That. That’s what we’re bringing you.

When: Friday 17th April, 3 pm BST
Where: Here’s the link. Get it in the diary
Who: The more the merrier so please do share, share and share

1. You’ll need a laptop AND mobile to take part
2. Please be prompt so we can kick off without delay
3. No Googling!

There’ll be questions on innovation, insurtech, investments, industry insights. There’ll be picture rounds, maybe even prizes. What more could you want?

Feel free to bring beers. Probably more acceptable if it’s not morning time wherever in the world you find yourself.


  1. The Great Big Innovation Survey

Alright, I’m not expecting this to go quite so big BUT I would love it if you could spare 3 minutes to input on how your business is planning for a post-Covid-19 world, and the challenges it faces.

9 questions. 1 of those is answering your name. And that’s optional.

The Great Big Innovation Survey

We’ll be publishing a report, later this month with our findings. If you’ve contributed, we’ll make sure you get access before anyone else. If you’ve more to say, drop us a line and we’d love to include you in the report.


  1. A Pretty Exceptional Telehealth Report

In last week’s SøNws I mentioned running a series of reports on innovation stepping into mainstream adoption.

And to kick things off, our free report: Building the future of telehealth

As most of you will have clocked, telehealth is a channel that has become business-critical for health insurers and their customers. Not only is it nowhere to stay but it has the potential to upend the entire healthcare system. More on that in the report.

Rather than a list of teleheath providers – which would be far too obvious, we’ve had a look into the innovation that will enable health insurers to bring scalable capacity. Something they’ll desperately need in the months ahead.

It’s worth pointing out, this is just a fraction of the market we’re tracking. If you are a health insurer and you’re working in this space, drop us a line. I’d be happy to set you up with a 14-day trial of Sønr so you can explore others.

That’s it from me. The sun is shining. I’m off to the garden.

Have a good weekend all.

Stay safe and look forward to catching up for next week’s quiz, if not before.


future of telehealth

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