£25k for 3 hours work. A call out for Sønr Insiders...


I appreciate Sø.Nws has always been billed as a fortnightly email but stay with me…

I’m back from a couple of weeks in the US and Canada. Whilst I managed to catch up with a few clients (and hopefully soon to be clients), I also managed to get some time off and, with that, my head back into future planning.

Hopefully most of you will know we’ve developed a market scanning platform called Sønr. Basically, if you want to know who is doing what within the Insurtech space globally, it’s in Sønr.

It’s a seriously brilliant bit of kit and is used by a mix of insurance companies, VCs and accelerators around the world.

For me, 2019 is the year to invest a chunk of money to scale Sønr and take it to the next phase. But before I do, I want to make sure we’re actively focused on building the functionality with the most value.

This is where Sønr Insiders comes in and where you come in.

I’m looking for 25 people who are up for testing the platform and feeding back ideas.

If you’re up for helping, the ask is as follows:

  • 3 months of using Sønr (plus any team members you want to rope in)
  • 3x 1-hour feedback meetings (f2f or video)
  • Honest, straight-talking feedback

In exchange, we will give you 3 months access to Sønr for you (and as many colleagues you want to rope in) worth up to £25k, which will enable you to:

  • Find out the global emerging trends that could impact your business
  • Identify ventures that could be a threat or opportunity for you
  • Find out how other companies are innovating, partnering and investing in Insurtech
  • See where the smart money is being invested
  • Shortlist & track the disruptors that you’d like to analyze further
  • Use our Sønr IndexTM to focus on the ventures with the greatest potential for success
  • Read the latest insights and in-depth venture profiles
  • Understand and connect with the global Insurance accelerators market

Plus, how about we also throw a massive dinner/party for all those who have helped input? I appreciate you may not be UK-based; we might have to manage that one nearer the time!

Ideally, the people we’d like as part of Sønr Insiders are:

  • Part of your job is knowing what’s going on in the new venture space
  • You’re not a Tällt or Sønr client (or competitor!)
  • You’re genuinely open to investing the time and energy helping us build an even more amazing product

And that’s pretty much it. Let me know if you’re keen.

The first 1-hour session will be an immersion into the product and initial roadmap ideas, and ideally I’d like to get that in the diary towards the end of the month.

I promise I’ll be back writing a proper Sø.Nws next Friday. Until then, thanks.


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