Chaucer: scouting early stage ventures for specialty (re)insurance

Originally introduced to Sønr by another client, we’ve been working closely with Chaucer for a number of years. Whilst a smaller company than the others featured, they pack a punch when it comes to innovation. 

A key role we play is in identifying and connecting Chaucer with early stage ventures, often meaning they will be the first to invest or partner with them. Equally important is our ability to research more emergent tech and industry trends – from parametric solutions to clean energy startups.

Creating unique partnership and investment opportunities

It’s not every day you get to work with a company like Chaucer. Their belief is that innovation is key to supporting transition and social development and together we’re constantly seeking solutions to new or unsolved insurance problems.

A quote from John Fowle, the CEO of Chaucer highlight their focus on innovation to tackle new and emergent risks.

Scouting early-stage ventures across (re)insurance

Chaucer is a leading specialty (re)insurer and a member of China Re Group. One of their key priorities is to provide coverage for underserved markets through innovation and, to achieve this, it was critical for them to track the absolute latest and most promising early stage ventures.

Having first trialed the platform they soon recognised the value it could bring across their teams. Over the years this has moved into a deep and trusted partnership. 

An image showing the Chaucer logo overlayed across a windmill.

Unearthing unique connections and opportunities

Sønr has played a pivotal role in elevating Chaucer’s venture scouting endeavours. Through our work as Lloyd’s Lab Scouting Partner and our unique access to startup data, we’ve been able to source and introduce Chaucer to a number of new and wholly relevant companies. 

What started as a single license agreement has now moved into multiple licenses across Chaucer, coupled with retained research time to deep-dive into particular topics of interest. These have ranged from ESG to transport tech to political violence.

An image showing the front page of a deck prepared by Sønr for the Chaucer Innovation Week 2023

Chaucer: first to the post when it comes to innovation

Our work has, on a number of occasions, positioned Chaucer as the trailblazing investor or strategic partner in these budding ventures. Not an easy task in today’s innovation landscape.

Furthermore, Sønr’s expertise in tracking emerging technological and industry trends has further fortified Chaucer’s position at the forefront of insurance innovation, and we look forward to continuing our part in finding new solutions to new and emerging risks.