Sønr is a world-leading market intelligence platform created specifically for the insurance sector. It is used by small and large insurance companies, around the world, to accelerate corporate innovation.

It provides intelligence on market trends, competitor playbooks and disruptive tech companies globally. But that’s not all.

Market Scanning:
Access ALL the innovation taking place across insurance:

  • Profiles on each and every startup globally, their success propensity scoring, corporate partnership activity, investment and contact details
  • The latest trends impacting insurance including financial and market analysis
  • Competitor innovation: insight on new businesses they’re building, partnering with, investing into and acquiring

Innovation Tracking:
You’ve scanned the market. Now it’s time to keep track on the stuff that’s most relevant:

  • Create a watchlists and be alerted when there’s a movement in the market. For startups, this might be a pivot, new product or round of investment. For the corporate it might be a new partnership, investment or spinning up of a new company
  • Let Sønr open your eyes to new opportunities based on your activity. Intelligent recommendations serve up new innovation we know you’d like and what we think you’d like
  • As part of the subscription, our research team will send you an optional weekly, personalised email, curating the most interesting and relevant market activity

Contact Management:
Extract the most value from your scanning activity, ensuring knowledge is captured and shared across your entire team:

  • Add notes and comments to company profiles. Keep these private or share these with your colleagues
  • Build CRM pipelines and manage all your scouting activity
  • Keep up to date with your colleagues activity through in-platform notifications and email alerts

Sønr is a product of Tällt Ventures, a world-leading market intelligence and proposition development company.

We are a collective of entrepreneurs, practitioners and consultants who have built, run and exited some of the largest companies in the world. It’s our vision to provide a new benchmark for corporate innovation and new venturing.

We help insurance companies around the world better connect with global innovation activity - scanning startup and competitor activity, deep-diving into relevant trends, and identifying new business opportunities. With our clients we then design, build and scale new propositions that deliver meaningful customer and business value in the short and long-term.