Sønr is our data intelligence platform enabling clients to keep track of the latest trends, insights, ventures, corporates, accelerators, investors and industry events.

  • Find out about global emerging trends that could impact your business
  • Identify ventures that could be a threat or opportunity for you
  • Find out how other companies are innovating, partnering and investing in Insurtech
  • See where the smart money is being invested
  • Shortlist the disruptors that you’d like to analyse further – and get in touch if you’d like some help with this
  • Use our Sønr IndexTM to focus on the ventures with the greatest potential to influence, change or create new markets
  • Read the latest insights and in-depth venture profiles
  • Understand and connect with the global Insurtech market

Made with love by Tällt

It’s widely recognised disruption is taking place across most industries and the anticipation to change is critical. Catching up with what’s happening today is no longer the top priority – things will have already changed.

We track the investment into millions of startups and draw on our connections with accelerators, VCs and corporates around the world.

This provides unique intelligence on the global new venture landscape with which we’re able to help our clients develop, refine and execute innovation strategies, and build, buy or partner with new ventures.

We love what we do. Chat to us about your business requirements and see how we can help your business.